Monday, April 27, 2009

Nothing PG-related, but 1 of the BEST Quotes I've ever read:

"I believe in the rule of opposites.
that the two sides of a coin
are loss and greater loss, that grief dribbles
out of the bottle as effortlessly as joy.
And if you scoop up everything sad,
your hands
will discover the texture of hope."

-Jane Bailey

'Just A Friend'

More shocking facts that I uncover week to week, day by day! So, Tarzan woke up to yours truly this weekend singing in my sleep; or LET ME CLARIFY more like rapping in my sleep. Ya know, since I am a Hip-Hop girl (more specifically 80's Hip Hop rules the School, yo)!

Thats right.

Tarzan woke up to his wife rappin' to 'Just A Friend' by Biz Markie! You all remember the song right?!?!?! Or maybe the old school video of Biz Markie will jog your memory with his weird teeth, singing about a girl while driving a Mercedes Benz & simultaneously singing by a fireplace! Don't ask me how I remember this, but I have a photogenic memory when it comes to videos.

Anyhow, the better question is why the heck would would I dream about this? WTF!?!?!??! So, you can imagine my amusement when Tarzan told me about my solo rap concert this weekend! I think I laughed for 5 minutes straight, because I only remember bits and pieces of the dream (& more specifically the song); nonetheless dreams while pregnant can get a little WILD at times ranging from nightmares to puppies to 80's Hip Hop! I'll be sure to keep you posted about what I dream about next! Who knows, maybe it will be Vanilla Ice!

Saturday, April 25, 2009

It didn't work!

So, Tarzan was a little disappointed he's not getting to feel the baby kick. I have found myself putting his hand on my belly and saying "Feel it?" only to get a "No" response almost every time. He has felt her kick a few times, but almost everytime I put his hand on my tummy, she does nothing or suddenly falls asleep.

Well, I read about this recipe to turn this situation around! After all, no husband should miss out on the great joy of feeling those precious little baby kicks, right!

Well, being a gloomy Saturday day where Tarzan & I just lounged on the couch all day, I got the bright idea to test this recipe out!

What I needed:
• 1 pound frozen meat (we prefer hot sausage)- however, we opted for a cold can of Tecate in the fridge
• 1 washcloth

1. Wrap the frozen meat (or Tecate in my case) in the washcloth
2. Lie on your side
3. Position the wrapped meat (Tecate) under your belly
4. Wait for the baby to start kicking like a champion

Well, it didn't work. Or, of course it could my unborn Leo baby's little way of saying, "Mom, Dad... don't f*ck with me. I may be young, but paybacks are a bitch."

Friday, April 24, 2009

I'm no HUSSY.....

That's right. I got married and then I got pregnant 6 months later. That being said, nothing bothers me more than the fact my hands have swollen to the point I can't wear my beautiful engagement ring and wedding band. That's right, my hands look like mini sausages! For as long as I can remember, I've always done a "ring check" on any pregnant woman I've run across (call it a woman thing). Just curious or nosy, I guess.

Until now.

Why, you ask? Because I'd never thought about the fact these ringless women may actually be married, but aren't able to accommodate their tokens of commitment. I waited for over 30+ years to snag me up some bling, and now just over a year later, I'm once again sporting the naked finger. To comfort me in my time of need, my mother today gave me her wedding ring and wedding band to slip on my sausage till I can once again get mine on (who knows when that will be)! I, of course, started crying today when she offered. Mom said she would be honored for me to wear hers in the interim. Even though mom & dad were divorced some time ago; I thought the gesture was priceless & yes my non-naked finger again in the presence of strangers, somehow puts me at ease.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Heartbeat all-a-flutter!

We went for my 6 month OB appointment today! I always look forward to these monthly appointments to hear Salma's heartbeat (she's quite the healthy one at 160 beats per minute), yet in the the same token hate these appointments because I have to get on the dreaded scale! Good Lord, I almost weigh as much as my husband and I still have quite some time to go! Nonetheless, it's ALL WORTH IT!

Tarzan has come to every single prenatal Doctor appointment with me! I feel so blessed to have such a wonderful husband who has taken such an active role in my pregnancy so far!

Today, I am off to spend a few days with my mom & Godmother to help them with the baby shower they are throwing us on 5/16. I can't believe how fast the time has gone! Soon, we will be welcoming Salma to the world in just a few short months!

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Looking back on 24 weeks of pregnancy...

23 weeks of pregnancy down and I am quickly approaching only 16 more weeks to go. I figured this would be a good time to reflect on the past 23 weeks my belly has been growing and growing and share some often unspoken shocking facts I have learned since becoming pregnant.

Maybe I missed the memo that the Pregnant Fairy left on my pillow the night Tarzan (a.k.a. Randy) impregnated me. Or maybe these are lessons that every pregnant girl has to learn the hard way. Either way, it’s been one heck of a learning curve at times! And that’s why today I bring to you my shocking facts 23 weeks of pregnancy has taught me. So let’s dive in!

1. I pee a ridiculous amount of times per day. I pee more in a day now than I peed in an entire week all together. I'm glad we live in an apartment because I shudder to think what our water bill would be if we lived in a house. One of my bad habits is to go to the bathroom and then tell Tarzan that we are out of toilet paper. He hates it.

2. Not only is my belly growing, but so is everything else. My arms, butt, thighs, and body parts I didn’t even know I had are getting bigger by the day. This cannot be a good thing.

3. Hormones are beyond out of control. Just ask Randy.

4. I cry about everything. I cry over commercials. I cry over TV shows. I cry over seeing someone do something nice for an elderly woman at the grocery store. And I cry over the fact that I cry so much.

5. Forgetfulness flows through me like the sand through an hour glass. The days of my life can be summed up in two words: Pregnant Brain. I had something funny to also write here, but I forgot what it was.

6. Social life. What social life? That went out the window shortly after getting pregnant and I’m often asleep on the couch by 8:30 and in bed by 9:00… Friday and Saturday nights included.

7. Bitchiness. Don’t mess with me. My hormones are ready to go into battle at a moments notice… and I never lose. Really.

8. My dog (Pablo) is attached to me like a cell phone on a 15 year-old that loves to text. He must be next to me at all times now.

9. Even though I am growing a baby, I still don’t like the fact that I’m gaining weight in other spots than my stomach. Why didn’t I luck out with one of those awesome bodies that doesn’t gain weight so easily? Damn genes.

10. Google isn’t always a pregnant girl’s friend. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve looked something up and based on what I read I’d swear I was either going into labor or that I had a rare disease only found in red frogs in the Amazon jungle. No joke.

11. Most maternity clothes are as flattering as me wearing a Snuggie everywhere I go.

12. HEADACHES. Enough said.

13. I get out of breath doing just about anything now. Stairs? Forget about them. Show me the nearest elevator. What? No elevator? Carry me.

14. Feeling Salma kick and tumble about in my tummy is probably the BEST feeling in the entire world!