Thursday, October 22, 2009


So, I have been MIA since I had my beautiful baby girl! I know. I know. I have heard from all of you inquiring as to where baby mama has been! Well, I'm BACK! Alas, you will be happy to know that while I have not been blogging via my PC, I have been blogging the old fashioned way - in my handy tablet that my godmomma gave me. She was right and gave me the advice to write things down whenever I had the chance, and I have. It's been the most amazing ride of my life! I am so in love with my beautiful daughter, Salma Loren Schalhamer! So let's begin.....we have a lot of catching up to do!


After finding out Miss Salma would be born anywhere from 8/10 to 8/11 depending on when she decided to make her appearance, the excitement and anxiety set in! While I did my share of research as to what to expect, I still didnt know what lied ahead of me, all I knew was that I could not wait to meet my baby girl!

I expected to be hooked up to machines, interact with a number of nurses, anesthesiologists, doctors, and med students. I expected to be stripped of any dignity I had as I lie numb (because I KNEW I would be getting an epidural), while being prepped for the biggest moment of my life. I expected that Tarzan would be right there with me, holding my hand.

The staff at Sky Ridge Medical Center took excellent care of us.

Long story short, I was in labot for 28 hours and waited to have my epidural til hour 20. I am proud to say, that Dr. Scariano was proud of me. That means a lot to me, because quite honestly, Dr. Scariano is not only my OB Doctor, but such an amazing person whom I admire and was so honored to have her deliver Miss Salma.

Miss Salma Loren Schalhamer was born at 11 PM on the nose on August 10, 2009. An hour shy of her papa's birthday. I pushed for 20 minutes and she was here. She was the most beautiful thing I had ever laid my eyes on.

I tried turning my head to see Salma on the examination table, but all I could make out what her tiny leg. She was then brought to me. This was my big moment. I couldn't have been more in awe. I just froze and looked into her little blinking eyes and instantaneously fell in love like I never knew possible.

I couldn't even tell you if I held Salma for 15 seconds or 5 minutes before they took her to the nursery for observation, but to me it felt like a lifetime. I couldn't have been more elated.

Once in my postpartum room I was tired yet running full speed on adrenaline. Unable to get out of bed to care for the baby, Tarzan quickly transformed into DAD OF THE YEAR. He was changing diapers and swaddling our baby like a pro. I couldn't be more proud of my hubby. I love them both so much.