Sunday, July 5, 2009

The Friends Shower...

Our Friends Showers took place last Saturday afternoon. My friends, Meg, Sorcha, Erin, Melanie, Marta & cousin Danielle put on the shower.

Ladies, thank you soo much! The decor was perfect, the food was perfect, the games were perfect, the cupcakes were perfect and the company in which I was surrounded by, was perfect as well!

The baby and I couldn't have asked for a better shower. In fact, there isn't anything I'd change about it! Just check out this amazing center piece, made with lots o' diapers, daisies, and the color scheme of the entire shower and the center piece was yellow and pink ---- LOVE IT!

I was, and still am, truly overwhelmed by the love and generosity Salma, Tarzan and I were showered with. I received baby care products, diapers, clothes, clothes, and so much more than I can even list.

So thanks to all the ladies who spent their Saturday afternoon with me, celebrating the little one. I appreciate each one of our friendships and love you all very much! Oh yea, it was great to get away for a brief reprieve from bedrest too! :)


  1. My sister is preggo and we will have her baby shower in December (still looong way to go) and I need all the tips + dos & dont + games + pics + whatever you can come up with!? I know it is still early hehehe but I am so excited. Shes got 3 boys and hoping for a girl this time!

  2. Call me and I'll give ya all the fun stuff to do! Tell her congrats!!!!! 3 boys would be my husbands dream!