Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Date Night

Last night Tarzan and I had an attempt-a-date. We didn't leave the house, as Tarzan made a lovely dinner for me.

Who was I kidding, as I would have loved to have gone out... but. alas, my back has been killing me, and getting tired is what I do, and I wanted nothing more than to veg out on the couch. We opted to watch the Rockies rather than go see the movie I have been dying to see, The Hangover.

We're planning another date night this coming weekend, being as it will be our last weekend as a 2-person family for the rest of our lives. I told Tarzan that if there was anything he wanted to do before having children, he's got 11 days to do it - and good luck finding a chic to have sex with us, because I'm not exactly a prize these days. (Ha so funny.)

1 comment:

  1. LOL you are so funny! I cant wait... the countdown begins!